Antiuqe and Contemporary art glass - Tom Michael, Odyssey Art Glass. Steubne, Loetz, Austria, Kralik, Czechoslovakia, Tiffany, Durand

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Antique Art Glass for sale: Tiffany, Steuben, Loetz, Quezal, Kralik, Mt. Washington, Imperial, Fenton
Antique Art Glass wanted to buy: Iridescent art glass, Czechoslovakian glass and pottery, 
Loetz art glass, Tiffany, Steuben, Durand, Quezal, Art glass shades...

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Detroit Institute of Arts


Iridescent art glass vases and jewelry by Tom Michael



Flame-worked, lampworked  art glass beaded bracelet by Tom Michael


Odyssey Art Glass by Tom Michael
Now Available at the:

Frontier Town Arts & Crafts Mall
 67310 Van Dyke
Washington, MI  48095
(just north of 31 Mile Road)

Detroit Institute of Arts Museum Shop
 5200 Woodward Ave
 Detroit, MI 48202




Contemporary Art Glass
Iridescent Art Glass
Modern Art Glass
Antique Art Glass




Loetz art glass vase

Loetz Art Glass Vase
Pampas decor in metal mount
C 1910


Antique art glass, Loetz, Austria cabinet vase. Tiffany, Steuben, Quezal, Durand, Kew Blas, Lustre Art, Imperial Free Hand, Loetz, Kralik, Czechoslovakia
Loetz, Austria
Creta Rusticana, C 1901

Loetz Art Glass






Antique Art Glass and Vintage Jewelry Wanted
Estate Liquidation


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This site features Art Glass, Antique Art Glass, Art Nouveau Art Glass, Tiffany, Steuben
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Michigan hand-blown art glass, Vintage art glass, Contemporary art glass, 

Antique art glass vases, Modern Art Glass, art glass gifts...


Hand-blown contemporary art glass - Made in Michigan, USS
Antique art glass bought and sold


Odyssey Art Glass Studio offers a fine selection of contemporary art glass by Tom Michael.
You will find art glass vases, bowls, vessels, contemporary art glass paperweights,
Pate de verre art glass, art glass ornaments. You can shop for glass wedding gifts,
anniversary gifts, executive and corporate glass art and business gifts, birthday and
mother's day gifts, home decor, glass art accent pieces, one of a kind designer art glass
pieces, interior decorator contemporary art glass pieces and house warming gifts.


Decorative Art Glass by Tom Michael, Odyssey Art Glass Studio

Hand-blown Iridescent Glass, Modern Art Glass vases,  Art Nouveau, Art Deco,
 American Art Glass, Pate de Verre Art Glass, Kiln-formed Art Glass, Studio Glass
 Designer Pieces, Accent Pieces, Modern glass art, Paperweights, Pate de verre glass.
  Contemporary glass by Tom Michael, Odyssey Art Glass Studio
Each piece of Odyssey Art Glass is unique, hand-crafted / hand-blown, meticulously
  ground and polished and individually signed and numbered. 

Michigan Make-up Artist


Royal Oak Antiques Flea Market


Modern art glass by Tom Michael, Odyssey Art Glass Studio, is inspired by a decades old fascination
with the beautiful art glass blown and created by art glass companies such as Tiffany Studios, Steuben
Glassworks, Quezal Art Glass, Durand, and the European glass maker, Loetz. Most of the
decorative art glass pieces by Tom Michael are contemporary, art nouveau styled with emphasis
on organic shapes with iridescent highlights. You will not find these art glass creations anywhere
else in the world and each piece of Odyssey Glass is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of hand-blown
and decorated art glass. Feel free to contact Tom Michael, Odyssey Art Glass with any questions
you may have. Thank you, Tom Michael. - -


Tiffany inspired art noveau art glass vase. Tom Michael, Odyssey Art Glass Studio


Odyssey Art Glass - Art glass for the discerning collector.